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Simple means exactly that,and I find when you use larger items then you don’t have to use as many items in your vignettes, the rule of thumb is still odd numbers,1-3-5-7, I prefer 1 or 3 items in a display with tall heavy items on the left, reason being we read left to right. There are so many inexpensive ways to decorate such as use a large pretty scarf as a table cover with a large bucket of nothing but tall tree branches, this can make a statement, or for fall a large clear vase or jar with green walnuts and tree branches on clean uncovered table so charming. For a long narrow table try a large row of tree branches down the middle tied with large burlap bow and streamers flank with tall candle sticks, pretty pretty. Really the best advice for decorating on a shoestring is think outside the box.

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